Columbus Affordable Dentist

We know times are tough. Don’t let a tight budget stop you from getting the dental care you need. If you neglect regular cleanings and treatment, you might end up spending a lot more in the long run.

We rely on the very latest in dental technology and techniques to make our office run efficiently, and we pass this time savings on to you through competitive fees for our services. We also have an in-office insurance plan to make going to the dentist more affordable for our patients who don’t have dental insurance coverage.

affordable-dentist-columbusTreatment Plan Options from an Affordable Dentist

There is almost always more than one solution to a dental problem. An example of this is treatment plans for missing teeth. Whenever possible, we recommend dental implants for missing teeth, but sometimes budget constraints simply will not allow for that. In those cases, we offer the highest quality dental bridge or partial denture as a solution that feels good, looks great, functions properly and helps you keep treatment affordable.

An Ounce of Prevention

The real key to keeping your dental costs down is maintaining your dental health, and that happens with regular check-ups and cleanings. Many dental problems can only be detected in the early stages by dental professionals, and problems caught and treated right away can save you thousands of dollars.

Even if you have not been to the dentist in a long time, don’t worry. We are not here to judge you for any reasons that have kept you away in the past… we simply here to help you get the care you need now. We’re grateful you chose us as your dental health partner!

If it’s been a while since you’ve had regular care, you may need a significant amount of treatment. If that is the case, we offer phased treatment options to get you from where you are now to a healthy state in a series of steps that are kinder to your budget.