Columbus Emergency Dentist

Man in need of emergency dentist for tooth pain.Having a toothache is no fun. It can make it impossible to function, and it could represent spreading infection that needs to be addressed right away. If you are in pain, the doctors at Sedalia Dental don’t want you to suffer any longer — they will see you today.

Reasons You May Need a Columbus Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies are often a result of not seeing a dentist for regular, preventative dental care. Whatever the reason, we’re not here to judge you, we just want to help. Common situations that might require an emergency dentist include:

  • A toothache – If the pain is coming from the inside of a tooth, this is almost always an indication that the pulp of the tooth is irritated. There could be a large cavity in the tooth or decay under an old filling. Small cracks in the tooth can allow bacteria to enter and infect the tooth or sometimes part of the tooth wears away, exposing sensitive areas.
  • An infection in your mouth – Draining abscess may not hurt at the moment, so it may not seem urgent. But whenever an infection is in or around a tooth, it almost always requires some dental treatment to fix the problem. Antibiotics alone can’t get rid of an infection whose source is inside a tooth, or an infection that is a result of gum disease.
  • A broken tooth – A broken front tooth may not cause pain, but can be an aesthetic emergency. A dental bonding repair doesn’t take long and can help you avoid the embarrassment of a broken tooth. If you have the broken piece, bring it with you because there’s a chance it could be bonded back into place.
  • Traumatic injury – Blows to the face can cause broken teeth and can even knock a tooth out. If you have had a tooth knocked out, come in immediately. Bring the tooth with you, and place it in slightly warm milk or a moist towel to keep the ligament alive. We may be able to replant it if you can get here fast enough.

Rest Easy with Sedation Dentistry

If you suffer from dental anxiety, we understand. We offer everything from a simple gentle technique to sedation dentistry to help you through your dental appointment. At Sedalia Dental we can help with your dental emergency, so don’t wait… call us at (614) 836-2222.