Columbus No Dental Insurance

There are many reasons that prevent millions of Americans from seeking dental care. They may not have time in their busy schedule, they are unaware that there is a problem or a solution, or they may have a fear of the dentist.

But for many people today, going to the dentist is a financial burden simply because they don’t have access to dental insurance. At Sedalia Dental, we do our best to help patients who are in this situation.

No Insurance?

For those who don’t have dental insurance we offer a discount plan to help you with your dental expenses. Here’s how it works. You pay an annual fee, similar to a dental insurance premium. That enrolls you in the program. The program then provides for you two full checkups during the year. Each checkup includes a cleaning, an exam, and a set of x-rays. Then, for any work you need, you receive a discount of 20 to 25%.
The fee for the plan varies according to how many family members are enrolled:

1 Member……….$181.00

2 Members………$290.00

3 Members………$375.00

4 Members+…….$470.00

While this is structured like an insurance plan, it isn’t insurance. Rather, it is a “discounted plan,” and is available only to patients of Sedalia Dental. Please call our office at 614-836-2222 for more details.