Columbus Zoom Whitening

There are those who are blessed with beautiful, Hollywood white smiles. Let’s be honest, it’s the first thing that people notice about you… and when you feel confident it shows. But if you look in the mirror and see dull and yellowing teeth, it’s hard not to wish you were one of “those people” and that you had a dazzling smile you could show the world.

Have you tried all those over-the-counter whitening systems and you’re just not getting anywhere? Some of those products don’t really whiten your teeth at all, and those that do are weak and take consistent use over a long period of time to see significant results. If brighter, whiter teeth are something you want in your future, it may be time to find a dentist who has access to the professional whitening products that will give your smile the “Boost” it needs.

Photo of Boost whitening

Boost: An Alternative to Zoom Whitening

What makes Zoom whitening so effective is that it’s a high concentration of product activated by light or heat. Boost whitening is a unique formula that allows our doctors to whiten your teeth without utilizing light or heat — and that means no trauma or burns to the teeth or gums. Boost ultimately gives better, longer-lasting whitening as compared to Zoom. Zoom can also tend to increase tooth sensitivity, and it also dries the teeth out which creates an artificial level of whiteness that will fade by the next morning when the tooth re-hydrates.

Advantages of Boost

  • Improves your overall oral health – Boost contains fluoride and potassium nitrate which decrease sensitivity, strengthen your enamel, and increase cavity protection
  • Syringe-to-syringe mixing system – ensures freshness and evenly mixed product
  • Gel is red in color – this makes it easy for dentists to see where they are placing it so it doesn’t get on sensitive gum or other soft tissue

Boost is safe and effective and you’ll see significant results in just one appointment. Plan on three 20-minute applications during your appointment to apply the Boost treatment.

It’s important to remember that regardless of what type of whitening you choose, your teeth remain susceptible to new staining, especially if you consume foods and drinks that are known for staining (i.e. coffee, wine, berries, etc.) We recommend periodic touch-ups and those can be done either in the office or by using an at-home whitening system with custom trays.

For more information on Boost whitening, call us or request an appointment online.